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Our Commitment to Sustainability

We proudly partner with BioGreen360 and Garick to reduce our environmental impact. Through this collaboration, we have instilled processes which reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing food loss and diverting 100% of our food waste away from landfills by integrating it into sustainable natural resources.

BioGreen360’s technology allows us to efficiently convert all food waste from our Arlington, VA kitchen into all-natural compost, which is then integrated into organic fertilizer at Garick’s New Milford, CT facility, forming a completely circular solution for food waste. This partnership has allowed us to achieve zero food waste, and we continue to seek opportunities to further reduce our environmental impact and protect our planet.

Please see below for more information about the partnerships and technologies that make this possible.


Biogreen circular organic solutions


BioGreen360 is the leader in distributed, on-site, digester technology and food waste solutions for institutional and consumer facing applications. The Company’s solutions are environmentally responsible, economically sustainable and fully scalable. BioGreen360 is the only solution in the market that completely recycles food waste from the overall waste stream at its source. Through proprietary microbial formulae coupled with patent- pending mechanical and evaporation technologies, BioGreen360 completely eliminates food waste on-site through a fully automated, continual feed aerobic digesting system. It is the only triple-bottom line solution in the food waste management space.

Garick - we are nature's helper


Garick, a North American distributor, processor and recycler of sustainable natural resource products, prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and environmental practices. Using food, yard and forest products residuals, Garick diverts and beneficially reuses organic waste streams and creates organic mulches, soils, and othersustainable products, supplying customers with a complete range of products in bags, bales or bulk.


Partnership Announcement

December 2021

The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City has partnered with BioGreen360 and Garick to develop a program that diverts 100% of the Hotel’s food waste from landfills, integrating residual materials into an all-natural compost product.

Collaboration Milestones

June 2022

The partnership between BioGreen360, Garick, and The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City celebrates one year of advancing sustainability efforts, resulting in minimized food waste, the integration of residual materials into sustainable natural resources, and a reduced carbon footprint.

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